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can I do camp usa?

Loved going away to camp as a kid? Nobody does summer camp quite like the Americans, so now’s your chance to relive those childhood dreams all over again! Water slides, traditional camp games and activities – maybe even passing on a few of your own camp traditions, all while experiencing a new country.


speak english?


no qualifications needed


keen to travel?


where can i go?



Live your movie moment.


camp abroad

how does it work?

Camp is a perfect opportunity to see a snippet of what America has to offer. You’ll spend 8 – 12 weeks at an outdoor pursuits camp for kids, leading fun activities such as kayaking, orienteering, arts and crafts or mountain biking. You’ll then get 30 days to travel with your new mates, and truly discover what America has to offer. .

your experience includes board & room

work up to a set maximum of hours per week

freedom to travel and explore after your experience

add experience abroad to your CV and/or roam to another destination